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Get money back on your online purchases!

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Why can Monerio give you money back for your online purchases?

Monerio Statistics


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CHF 261'786.-

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Your advantages with Monerio

  • Monerio is free
    01Monerio is free
    Your Monerio account is always free of charge. There are no further costs for you.
  • Payout from CHF 10.-
    02Payout from CHF 10.-
    You can withdraw your cashback already from an account balance of CHF 10.-
  • Great support
    03Great support
    If something should not work out for once, the Monerio team will quickly and easily assist you.

How does Monerio earn money?

We receive a sales commission from our partner stores when you buy online from their shop. The majority of this commission we give back to you, with the rest we pay our bills.

Is Monerio a data collector?

No. Your data is safe with us and we do not share your data with any third party or our partner stores. The store only receives a randomly generated shopping ID when we redirect you to the shop page. This is how we internally assign your purchase to you.

How can I redeem my cashback?

Starting from a cashback amount of CHF 10.- you can redeem your cashback via bank transfer or PayPal. From an amount of CHF 50.- you can also redeem your cashback as an Offerz voucher with 5% bonus.

Who is behind Monerio?

Monerio is operated by Monerio GmbH, a subsidiary of Patoc GmbH. Patoc GmbH operates various shopping sites in Switzerland such as or